Commercial Fleet Solutions

Maintenance, Repair and Depot Services

TRAC Services provides top-quality maintenance, repair and depot services to intermodal and over-the-road (OTR) customers throughout the United States. Whether you need M&R or storage for trailers, containers or chassis, TRAC Services is a one-stop source for all your commercial fleet needs.

Commercial Fleet Repairs

TRAC Services offers comprehensive commercial fleet maintenance and repair services (both minor and major structural) for trailers, containers, and chassis, delivering expert attention, reliability and care.

Depot Services

Whether you need storage of chassis, trailers, rolling stock or containers, TRAC Services has depot locations in key markets throughout the United States. We also provide stacking of your chassis for roadstack or flatbed transport.

Surveys & Inspections

TRAC Services provides annual FMSCA inspections, as well as pre-trip and in- and out-gate surveys, to ensure equipment roadability and compliance with DOT regulations.

Mobile Service Units (MSUs)

Fleet M&R services are available through our nationwide network of Service Centers. We can also dispatch Mobile Service Units (MSUs) to your facilities for added flexibility and convenience.

Nationwide Footprint

TRAC operates 6 Service Centers in key markets throughout the United States, offering M&R, storage, annual and pre-trip inspections.

Service Centers

Mobile Service Operations

Service Center Locations

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